"Increasing Line Speeds while Addressing Quality Issues" Short Course 

Forming Section

o   Problems:

  • Poor fiber dispersion
  • Mechanical dispersion issues
  • Other mechanical issues
  • Contamination

First mat Transfer: Forming wire to applicator wire

o   Problems & Defects

  • Mat wrinkles – MD / CD / diagonal
  • Mat tears

Binder Applicator section

o   Problems & Defects

  • Water balance
  • Fiber bleed through to vacuum boxes and binder mix
  • Vacuum box binder / glass fiber build up
  • Foam / Binder blips
  • Uneven LOI (MD / CD)
  • Binder Wet spots on “cured mat”
  • Holes in cured mat

Mat Transfer Applicator wire to oven wire

o   Problems & Defects

  • Mat moisture content and internal mat surface tension (wet web strength)
  • Speed up causing air flow changes
  • Mat tears and breaks
  • Wrinkles (wet wrinkles / dry wrinkles)
  • Fiber peal and separation

Drying and curing oven

o   Problems & Defects

  • Chemical
  • Dispersion, Mechanical and Mat issues
  • Mechanical


o   Problems & Defects

  • Increase speeds
  • Breaks
    • Wet Breaks
    • Dry Breaks and Tears 
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